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Gigliocooking - Feedback by Tim Braheem
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Автор: Administrator   
02.09.2009 15:55

In September of 2007, my family and I moved to Florence Italy for one year. As a “foodie”, one of my goals was to take cooking lessons from an Italian Chef.  I was introduced by a mutual acquaintance to Marcella Ansaldo shortly after our arrival in Florence.  Ms. Ansaldo is responsible for some of my most special and vivid memories of our magical year living abroad.

Every Thursday she and I would spend four to five hours together in my kitchen preparing a variety of extraordinary dishes.  When you spend over 100 hours in the kitchen with someone you get to know them pretty well and we have become very close friends.

I think that what I love most about learning from Marcella is that she teaches the “Complete Picture” of cooking.  Marcella’s philosophy is that a great meal starts with knowing how to shop!  Each Thursday we would meet in the morning at San Lorenzo Market in the center of the city and this is where the meal would begin.  She taught me what to look for when selecting fresh produce, meats and most importantly how to know if the fish is fresh.  “It doesn’t matter how good the recipe is Tim, if the ingredients are not the best and you don’t know what you’re looking for, the result will be subpar.” She would say.

A close second was that I loved how knowledgeable she is about all the regions of Italy and their specialties.  We made Caponata from Sicily, Lasagna meat sauce from Bolognia, Risotto with squid from Venice, fried baby artichoke hearts from Tuscany, Chicken Florentine and numerous fresh fish dishes from various villages in the Mediterranean.  The vast array of recipes that she possesses is astonishing, from the well-known Italian classics to regional gems that you would only know about if you were to visit the village.

My view of cooking and eating is forever changed through my relationship with Marcella and the palates of my wife, two children and myself are now forever spoiled.  The good news is that I can recreate all of these wonderful dishes from what I learned.

I’m so thrilled that she has decided to pursue her dream of opening a cooking school in what is surely one of the most magical cities on the planet.  I could not recommend attending highly enough!


Sincerely, Tim Braheem

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