This course is done in collaboration with Atelier Deltos




4 days on restoring of ancient paper at Deltos Atelier
+ 2 lessons of cooking classes hands on at GiglioCooking.

Prof. Simonetta Rosatelli
(Paper Restorer)

Prof. Luigia Giusto
(Paper Restorer)

Marcella Ansaldo



Atelier Deltos and GiglioCooking are on the same street, via del Ghirlandaio, at a few footsteps away from one other. Recipes are written on paper. But, did you know that paper is eventually made by potential foods? Did you know that many of the components to make paper are edible? So much that we could just call them “ingredients”. So, ingredients to make paper recipes are ingredients to make food recipes. There are recipes (recipe means formula) for paper and they start with the same ingredients of edible dishes. This short course is about the similar chemistry of paper and food and about the historical evolution on producing both of them. You will restore an ancient book and you will cook ancient recipes. In this course the participants will be able to restore paper, they will be introduced to techniques of restoring, they will follow step by step all the gradual improving of it to the final result. The participants will learn cooking techniques of old recipes, then taste them around a table. All the course, both the paper restoring and cooking, is hands on: students will use their hands and gain the feeling of the different textures of both papers and foods. Students will take away the artisanal experience and the understanding of health and preservation of two elements -paper and food - far from one other but with several points of contact. The fascinating worlds of paper and of food, with their smells and textures, encounter in this course, as part of the same culture and history. Paper and food need the same minerals to be safe, healthy and to be preserved. In this course, many of the ingredients used to restore the damaged paper will be used to cook delicious recipes ( saffron, coffee, tea, sodium carbonate, “fish glue” ( gelatin), egg)



700 euro
Schedule: Monday through Thursday
The program cannot be done with less than 4 participants and maximum 8
The course lasts 4 consecutive days



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