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Deeply Involved

Deeply involved in Giglio Cooking Culinary School in Florence

The classes will be not pure demonstrations: guest will be "deeply" involved in putting their hand in the food and creating their own dishes

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Written by Marcella   
Thursday, 03 October 2013 17:34

Sacher Parigina

"The teaching of pastry and bakery is (in my opinion) based on two instruments I consider fundamental: the correct execution of the work methods and the technical knowledge of the ingredient. Thus, beyond the teaching of the execution of the single recipes or preparations chosen for a didactic aim, what I try to transmit in my courses is that type of approach to the raw material that would allow to every student to be able to face all the pastry and bakery recipes they would be passionate about. This approach cannot no pass though the study of the most common bases and the relative "key" ingredients, all connected in a inter-twined way: that is why each single lesson is voted to a theme that never remains an "isolated" topic, but "one step" of a more articulated and complex journey".

Giovanni Stecca


Bavarese  Cioccolatini1  Croissant 

The Program of Professional Pastry and Bakery will start on March 6, 2014.
The Program is constituted by three modules.
The lessons, given by chef Giovanni Stecca, take place on thursday 06:00 - 09:00 pm

1° Module: March 6th - March 27th
Jan 16: Short Breads: Pasta Frolla Classica; the Sableé
Jan 23 : Creme Anglais: Bavarian cream; the Cremoso
Jan 30: Whipped butter: Plum Cake; Frangipane
Febr 6: Chocolate: Ganache; Tempering

2° Module: April 3rd - April 24th
Febr 13: Bisquit: Rolled bisquit; Savoiardo (Lay's fingers)
Febr 20: Mousse: Semifredo base; Italian Meringue
Febr 27: Whipped eggs: Sponge cake; Dacquoise
March 6th: Pastry cream: Custard; Chibouste, Mousseline

3° Module: May 1st - May 22nd
March 13: Sweet risen doug: Briohe - Savarin
March 20: Paté a choux: Bigné; Plum Cake with bigné method
March 27: Puff pastry: Doug, cooking, uses
April 3: Salty risen doug: Pan carré; semi-sweet bread rolls

GiglioCooking releases a Certification of Attendance
The fee of each module is 500 euros
The fee for the Program is 1500 euros

The minimum number of participants is 8

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