Corso di cioccolato


This course takes place on Sundays, it lasts one day and it is divided in two sessions:

1. In the morning, theoretical arguments are explained, completed by a guided tasting of refined chocolates of various origin. 
2. In the afternoon, the practical part will take place.
The participants learn the techniques of the chocolate lavoration. They make products as pralines, truffe, moulded chocolates.


The treated matter:

  • Methods of chocolate tempering, alternative to tablege
  • Use of the double boiler with thermostat
  • Use of magnetic moulds, decals, relief sheets
  • Methods of lavoration of Pralines (not mulded)
  • Two colored lavoration
  • Decoration with acetate sheets


Sundays, 10:00-1:00 and 2:00-5:00


The price for this course is 300 euros per person

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