GiglioCooking school was born in 2009 with the will to create a place where to “take out” the student’s talent in the kitchen and, because of this, where “Cooking is not competition”, but where “Cooking” is taught and learned as what it really is: everything else. The name has a nostalgic and, at the same time, hopeful significance: it is related to Marcella’s born place, Giglio Island. It is the name of the roots and, at the same time of the “Possible Future”: the belief that authentic and local foods are a relief for both ours and Earth’s health. Chemistry, nutrition, culture, history, health, sharing, beauty, necessity: GiglioCooking is the school where to talk together about all the different shades of food and cooking, where to learn techniques, combination of ingredients, to learn about the nutritional value and the plating, about the visual combination of colors, about the way we detect the flavors, and where, at the same time, to be adventurous with your ideas.